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The LEaning in Underground APril 2024 Tour

Our debut album Taking Over is released on 19th April and we are going on a little release tour! 

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The Hi-Stakes Brazil Tour

The Hi-Stakes had a great time touring Brazil from 18th March until 5th April 2024. A big thank you to Mauricio Martucci for hooking it up and to Danilo Selvagi for taking good care and keeping us safe on the road.

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The Hi-Stakes mexico tour 

The Hi-Stakes had a fantastic time bringing our R&B/Boogaloo/Blue Note/Mose Allison inspired sound to Mexico from 

Shoutout to Rose Puente for taking some great pictures of us! 


Linus EPpinger Quartet Tour

I am more than thrilled to take this Dream Band on tour again, this time joined by my favorite Tenorsaxophonist Gideon Tazelaar! See you in Germany. Or Tilburg!

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Anker 1

Debutalbum Leaning in + release tour

Leaning In Tour poster WEB.jpg

On 3rd June my debut album "Leaning In" will be released on Fresh Sound Records. The band is a quartet with my old friend Nicolai Daneck on piano and a stellar rhythm section with Doug Weiss on bass and Jorge Rossy on drums. On the release tour Darryl Hall, winner of the Thelonious Monk competition in 1995 will replace Doug on five of the gigs.

Come check us out, in the meanwhile, listen to the first single, a blues that I wrote, entitled "Chippin' with Bill"

Linus Eppinger/Sam Braysher NL/DE Tour 2022


Fellow REBOPer Sam Braysher and me are doing a couple of gigs with various line ups, starting in Hamburg at the legendary Birdland Hamburg, continuing at Breda Jazz Festival, dusting off our trad chops and finishing with some unavoidable Dutch bar gigs.

26th May - Birdland Hamburg 

Tilman Oberbeck (bass), Bastian Menz (drums)

27th May - Breda Jazz Festival

Afternoon gig: Stefan Rey (bass), Mitchell Damen (drums)

Evening gig: Frank Roberscheuten (sax), Pepijn Mouwen (baritone), Matteo Paggi (trombone), Chris Muller (piano), Stefan Rey (bass), Mitchell Damen (drums)

28th May - Breda Jazz Festival

Afternoon gig: Eiji Hanaoka (clarinet), Tomek van Leeuwen (bass), Tijn Koenen (drums)

Evening gig: Tomek van Leeuwen (bass), mystery pianist and drummer

29th May - Skek (Amsterdam)

Tomek van Leeuwen (bass), Tijn Koenen (drums)

30th May - Cafe Duende (Amsterdam)

Steve Zwanink (bass), Joost van Schaik (drums)

31st May - September (Den Haag)

Steve Zwanink (bass), Eric Ineke (drums)

1st June - De Twee Spieghels (Leiden)

Mauro Cottone (bass), Eric Ineke (drums)

The hi-stakeS, gigs, album announcement

In March we were happy to be the Live Band in the Studio during the Broadcast of the Jazzfest Amsterdam 2021. We are performing a song from our new repertoire, an original composition of mine entitled "Lucid Dreamer". 

In August we have been getting back on track with two performances during the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, small concerts around are recovering as well so look out for us in Haarlem, Eindhoven, etc. in the coming weeks.

Further we are going to record our Debut Album this fall, which will be released on DOX records in 2022.

Linus Eppinger trio studio concert for NAJ

In February I had the privilege of participating in the Amarte Studio concerts, a great initiative of the recently founded "New Amsterdam Jazz" foundation (NAJ). My dear friends Tamar Guttmann and Isla van Hout have created this fantastic initiative, creating opportunities for and promoting the Amsterdam jazz scene in its multiple facets.

It's been great fun playing with Gideon Tazelaar on saxophone(s) and Steve Zwanink on bass. We play Irving Berlin's "Let's face the music and dance" and an original composition of mine entitled "Sweetheart of my Dreams".

The hi-stakes release first of four videos

In June 2020 The Hi-Stakes invaded the foyer of the fantastic Tobacco Theater in Amsterdam for one day, recording four of their brand new, catchy original songs. This one's written by Sam and it is entitled "Outta my mind!" We will be releasing the other songs on our facebook page.  

Research Project - The Guitar Trio

In March, April and May, when there were absolutely no gigs at all I was extremely lucky that Stichting Amarte considered my proposition of a research project about the history of the guitar trio in jazz worth supporting. 

It has been a plan of mine for a while to dedicate a serious amount of time to this research, examining the way different guitarists have tackled playing in a trio with bass and drums. 

I have now finished my work and sincerely hope it inspires you to listen to a lot of music you didn't know yet, knew existed but never really appreciated or have known for ages and are happy to listen to again.


During our tour in Spain in December 2019 our friend and videographer Antonio Crevani recorded and filmed two REBOP concerts, one at a nice club in Barcelona called Sinestesia, one at the iconic Port Ginesta restaurant Vegans N' Roses. While the full video of the latter concert will be shown on TV in Catalunya and available through the webpage of the 606 club in London, we already released one song from our gig at Sinestesia, Jorge Rossy's composition "Swift Robbery".

"Most songs are love songs, this one's a love song too ... about the love of money" - Jorge Rossy

At the blue sofa

My dear friend and bandmate (tiigre) Marta Arpini and me have started our own concert series in the center of Amsterdam. The series is called "At the blue Sofa", takes place on a Sunday once a month and due to the tininess of the space we exclusively present duos. Rather than trying to attract a wide audience, the concerts are supposed to be a meeting point for the (several) music scene(s) of Amsterdam to enjoy a Sunday evening together, as we consciously try to present Jazz, improvised music, classical music and pop. We started it off ourselves in October 2019, playing old American songs, Lotte Grotholt and Tom Feltgen with their classical Viola plus Cello duo continued in November, striking everybody with the richness of sound and variety of timbre they create. The December edition had to be cancelled, due to illness, we would have been honored to host Federico Calcagno and legendary improviser Michael Moore with their clarinet duo. In February 2020 Floris Kappeyne and Youngwoo Lee, two of Amsterdam's finest Jazz piano players presented their duo, exclusively playing synthesizers for the first time, playing two entirely improvised sets.

We were especially looking forward to the March edition, as we would have presented American master singer songwriter Ryan Power, who has recently been the support act for Louis Cole in the US. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we will probably have to cancel. On 18th April, when hopefully everything will be back to normal, we will present some old friends of mine from Basel, MINUA. Yes I know, they're not a duo, but somehow we wanted to make an exception for them (also it's Saturday, so double exception for them). We are currently working on rescheduling the clarinet duo in May.

You can find the events and further information on our facebook page.

Here's a video of Marta and me playing one of our favorite songs at the first edition of "At the blue Sofa".

January Gigs Linus Eppinger quartet

We have had a great run of six gigs in and around Amsterdam. A big thank you to Tomek van Leeuwen and Cas Jiskoot for subbing for the injured Mauro Cottone.

JAN12 @The Jitterbug Saloon

JAN13 @Brasserie Nel

JAN18 @De Twee Spieghels, Leiden

JAN19 @Skek

JAN21 @Bimhuis (opening the Jam session)

JAN23 @Stork Club

Rebop announces december tour in spain

REBOP are very happy to announce, that we are going to be playing a couple of concerts in Spain in December.

DEC10 @Jimmy Glass, Valencia

DEC11 @Sala Lux, Granada

DEC13 @Sinestesia, Barcelona

DEC14 @Sunset, Girona

DEC15 @Vegan's N' Roses, Port Ginesta

We will be playing our completely new repertoire (except for the big Sam Braysher hit "BSP") that we already presented in England and Germany in October/November. Further the gigs at Sinestesia and Vegan's N' Roses are going to be filmed, so we are excited to share some videos of the band during the first half of 2020.

New video by linus eppinger quartet

In June Gideon, Giacomo, Mauro and me played a version of Billy Reid's "I'll close my eyes". We are very much inspired by Dinah Washington's and Blue Mitchell's versions.

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