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The Hi-Stakes

A stage, the smell of beer, Whiskey and expensive perfume, an ecstatically dancing crowd, four young gentlemen giving every little bit they’ve got.

That’s The Hi-Stakes, featuring their iconic frontman, Italian Blues singer, harmonica and saxophone player Samuele Ghezzi. The band makes the


audience jump, dance and scream to Rhythm and Blues inspired by Little Richard, dream away to the sweet sound of Blues Ballads in the heritage of Percy Mayfield and shake your hips to the swinging songs in the style of a young Ray Charles. Further they have recently discovered their songwriting abilities. The four gentlemen met at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in September 2018, quickly realizing that their natural habitat rather lies in the Cafès and Nightclubs of the city, where they can be found performing on a very regular base.

Linus Eppinger (guitar), Samuele Ghezzi (vocals, harmonica, sax), Yoad Korach (drums), Cesar Puente (bass)

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