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The LEaning In Underground

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I'll gladly leave it to our bassist Ties Laarakker, to explain what this band is all about!


"In spring 2022 Linus Eppinger released his debut album. Together with pianist Nicolai Daneck he planned a traditional release tour for the summer, featuring the world class rhythm section of the record, consisting of Doug Weiss and Jorge Rossy. But there was a problem.

You must know that Linus has no standards when it comes to gigs. Seriously. There is no lower limit. He we will literally accept anything. Five sets, thirty bucks? No problem. Background music in the actual fucking trenches? He's your man.

Anyway. For the release tour, Nic and Linus organized some fancy gigs in fancy places, playing with their fancy rhythm section. But due to their less than subtle methods, they accidentally booked two full weeks of gigs in places that you wouldn't invite your parents to. Basically as collateral damage.

That's where we came in. Since Linus was quickly running out of money, it would have been impossible to play these concerts with the way-over-his-head rhythm section. He needed some cheap-ass bass and drums. Peter lives in Switzerland, so money means nothing to him, and I was essentially an amateur, having just quit my day job, so we got the gig.

Three tours in - we call these things tours, but don't think too much of it - we still enjoy playing together and musically we are more or less on the same page, in the sense that we constantly compete for who has the stupidest idea. Also we like Smokin' at the Half Note. 

As a musical account of our adventures, we recorded our debut album "TAKING OVER" which will be released in April 2024. It consists of arrangements and songs that mostly arose spontaneously on stage, during a concert or soundcheck."

Ties Laarakker

Ties Laarakker (bass), Peter Primus Frosch (drums), Linus Eppinger (guitar) & Nicolai Daneck (piano), foto by Anisa Xhomaqi

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