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LINUS EPPINGER/Gideon Tazelaar

Linus Eppinger (guitar), Gideon Tazelaar (tenor), Mauro Cottone (bass), Giacomo Camilletti (drums), playing Ahmad Jamal's "Night Mist Blues"

The Linus Eppinger Quartet is a group that captures the leader’s musical vision at all times: 

The delivery of melodic beauty, feeling, both in the sense of rhythmic intensity and actual "emotional feelings“, and the subtle sense of a spontaneous party are the top priority at all times. The group features Dutch tenor youngster Gideon Tazelaar (currently living in NYC), as well as Amsterdam’s all Italian rhythm section, Mauro Cottone on bass and Giacomo Camilletti on drums.

The Linus Eppinger Quartet playing Billy Reid's "I'll close my eyes"

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